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June 8, 2017

10 Steps to Making Your Franchise the Next McDonald’s

How to make sure your new franchise is a massive success.

How to make sure your new franchise is a massive success.

While the vast majority of young franchisors would be happy if they were to open dozen franchises, for others, nothing short of world domination will suffice.

If you're someone with grander designs, you might well ask, “What does it take to become the next McDonald’s?”

1. Uniqueness

Making it to the top of the world starts with the concept. And when it comes to the franchise concept, “me-too” opportunities need not apply. The franchisor hoping to rule the world must start by breaking new ground and not following in the steps of others.

That doesn’t mean your concept must be the first to the market—although that can certainly help. Uniqueness may be as simple as a new recipe, a fresh marketing campaign, a proprietary product or a new twist on an old service. And ideally, your unique selling proposition involves staking out a competitive position against which your competitors cannot or will not respond.

A couple of years after McDonald’s began its incredible run, Burger King joined the fray, and was able to grow in near lockstep. They did that, not by copying the McDonald’s formula, but by carving out a position in the marketplace where McDonald’s chose not to respond—allowing the customer to “have it their way.” And while they are not the next McDonald’s, one might argue that they are the next best thing.