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Why iFranchise Group?

Our franchise consultants bring decades of experience to franchise development and implementation efforts whether you are looking to franchise your business or grow an existing franchise program. In fact, our consultants have worked with 98 of the world’s top 200 franchisors as rated by Franchise Times magazine. Among them, our consultants have over 500 years of experience in franchising.

Interested in franchising a business?

Our consultants have helped thousands of businesses assess their franchise potential. Find out if your business is franchisable, if franchising is the right strategy for you, and what is involved in franchising a business.

Having difficulty with an existing franchise program?

We can help. An iFranchise Group franchise consultant will develop a specially designed program to help improve franchise sales effectiveness, generate more leads, decrease costs, improve franchisee relationships, and reduce legal exposure.

Looking for increased performance from your dealer or distributor network?

We have substantial experience in facilitating this change, whether or not the new channel turns out to be a franchise. Contact us to learn more about the “Dealer Conversion Process.”